ENTRANCE TEST – 2014 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.A polymer of empirical formula CH2 has molar mass of 28000 g mol-1. Its molecular formula will be
A. 100 times that of its empirical formula
B. 200 times that of its empirical formula
C. 500 times that of its empirical formula
D. 2000 times that of its empirical formula

2.Ice is less dense than water at:
A. 0 oC
B. 4 oC
C. -4 oC
D. 2 oC

3.At a given temperature and pressure, the one which shows marked deviation from ideal behavior is
A. N2
B. N3
C. CO2
D. He

4.When the two partially filled atomic orbitals overlap in such a way that the probability of finding electron is maximum around the line joining the two nuclei, the result is the formation of
A. Sigma Bond
B. Pi-Bond
C. Hydrogen Bond
D. Metallic Bond

5.The value of equilibrium constant (Kc) for the reaction 2HF(s) ⇌ H2(g) + F2(g) is 10-13 at 2000 °C. Calculate the value of Kp for this reaction:
A. 2 x 10-13
B. 10-13
C. 186 x 10-13
D. 3.48 x 10-9


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