Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria - Section 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Postgates assay technique is useful in determining if a cell is viable even though it is
A. incapable of cell division
B. too small to see
C. an obligate aerobe
D. a thermophile

2.What are the extrinsic factors for the microbial growth?
A. humidity
B. storage temperature
C. composition of gas phase
D. All of Above

3.Quantitative measurement of bacterial growth can be carried out by measuring
A. cell count
B. cell mass
C. cell activity
D. All of Above

4.Organisms such as lactobacilli that have elaborate requirements for specific nutrients i.e. vitamins and other growth promoting substances, are generally called as
A. fastidious hetrotrophs
B. chemo-lithotrophs
C. chemotrophs
D. photo-organotrophs

5.The combination of low levels of NaCl, NaNO3 (sodium nitrate), and slightly acid pH can prevent multiplication and toxin formation of
A. Salmonella
B. S. aureus
C. C. botulinum
D. All of Above


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