Federal Section-1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Who is appointed as Federal Minister of Food?
A. Hammad Azhar
B. Syed Fakhar Imam
C. Khalid Maqbool
D. None of above

2.Who is Federal Minister of Industries & Production?
A. Abdul Razak Dawood
B. Hammad Azhar
C. Asad Umar
D. None of above

3.Who is appointed Federal Minister of Economic Affairs?
A. Khusaro Bakhtiar
B. Asad Umar
C. Abdul Razak Dawood
D. None of above

4.Who is appointed as Federal Minister of Anti-Narcotics?
A. Aazam Sawati
B. Khalid Maqbool
C. Umar Hameed
D. None of above

5.Who is appointed Federal Minister Parliamentary Affairs?
A. Umar Hameed
B. Abdul Razak Dawood
C. Babar Awan
D. None of above


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