Arithmetic & Logic Unit Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which of the following is not a bit-wise operator ?
A. |
B. ^
C. .
D. <<

2.The sign magnitude representation of -1 is ?
A. 0001
B. 1110
C. 1000
D. 1001

3.IEEE stands for ?
A. Instantaneous Electrical Engineering
B. Institute of Emerging Electrical Engineers
C. Institute of Emerging Electronic Engineers
D. Institute of Electrical and electronics engineers

4.The ALU gives the output of the operations and the output is stored in the ?
A. Memory Devices
B. Registers
C. Flags
D. Output Unit

5.The process of division on memory spaces is called ?
A. Paging
B. Segmentation
C. Bifurcation
D. Dynamic Division


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