Basic Assembly Language Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which converts the programs written in assembly language into machine instructions?
A. Machine compiler
B. Interpreter
C. Assembler
D. Converter

2.The instructions like MOV or ADD are called as ?
A. Operators
B. Commands
C. OP-Code
D. None of these

3.The alternate way of writing the instruction, ADD #5, R1 is ?
A. ADD [5],[R1];
B. ADDI 5,R1;
C. ADDIME 5,[R1];
D. None of these

4.Instructions which won’t appear in the object program are called as ?
A. Redundant instructions
B. Exceptions
C. Comments
D. Assembler Directives

5.The assembler directive EQU, when used in the instruction: Sum EQU 200 does ?
A. Finds the first occurrence of Sum and assigns value 200 to it
B. Replaces every occurrence of Sum with 200
C. Re-assigns the address of Sum by adding 200 to its original address
D. Assigns 200 bytes of memory starting the location of Sum


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