Basic Assembly Language Multiple Questions and Answers.

6.The directive used to perform initialization before the execution of the code is ?
A. Reserve
B. Store
C. Dataword

7.Which directive is used to specify and assign the memory required for the block of code ?
A. Allocate
B. Assign
C. Set
D. Reserve

8.Which directive specifies the end of execution of a program ?
A. Terminate
B. Stop
C. Return
D. End

9.The last statement of the source program should be ?
A. Stop
B. Return
D. End

10.When dealing with the branching code the assembler ?
A. Replaces the target with its address
B. Does not replace until the test condition is satisfied
C. Finds the Branch offset and replaces the Branch target with it
D. Replaces the target with the value specified by the DATAWORD directive


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