Addressing Modes Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.In the case of, Zero-address instruction method the operands are stored in?
A. Cache
B. Push down stack
C. Accumulators
D. Registers

2.Add #45, when this instruction is executed the following happen/s?
A. The processor raises an error and requests for one more operand
B. The value stored in memory location 45 is retrieved and one more operand is requested
C. The value 45 gets added to the value on the stack and is pushed onto the stack
D. None of above

3.The addressing mode which makes use of in-direction pointers is?
A. Offset addressing mode
B. Relative addressing mode
C. Index addressing mode
D. Indirect addressing mode

4.In the following indexed addressing mode instruction, MOV 5(R1), LOC the effective address is?
A. EA = 5+[R1]
B. EA = [R1]
C. EA = R1
D. EA = 5+R1

5.The addressing mode/s, which uses the PC instead of a general purpose register is?
A. Indexed with offset
B. Direct
C. Relative
D. None of above


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