Processes Multiple Questions and Answers.

21.The part of machine level instruction, which tells the central processor what has to be done, is
A. Operation code
B. Address
C. Locator
D. Flip-Flop

22.Process State is a part of
A. Process Control block
B. Inode
C. File Allocation Table
D. None of these

23.The kernel keeps track of the state of each task by using a data structure called _________ .
A. Process control block
B. User control block
C. Memory control block
D. None of these

24.The removal of process from active contention of CPU and reintroduce them into memory later is known as ____________.
A. Interrupt
B. Swapping
C. Signal
D. Thread

25. A thread is a __________ process .
A. Heavy Weight
B. Mutliprocess
C. Inter Thread
D. Light weight


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