Process Creation Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.A parent process calling which system call will be suspended until children processes terminate?
A. Wait
B. Fork
C. Exit
D. Exec

2.Cascading termination refers to termination of all child processes before the parent terminates?
A. Normally
B. Normally
C. Normally or abnormally
D. None of above

3.In UNIX, each process is identified by its?
A. Process Control Block
B. Device Queue
C. Process Identifier
D. None of above

4.In UNIX, the return value for the fork system call is _____ for the child process and _____ for the parent process.?
A. A Negative integer, Zero
B. Zero, A Negative integer
C. Zero, A nonzero integer
D. A nonzero integer, Zero

5.The child process can ?
A. Be a duplicate of the parent process
B. Never be a duplicate of the parent process
C. Cannot have another program loaded into it
D. Never have another program loaded into it


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