Inter Process Communication Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which of the following two operations are provided by the IPC facility?
A. Write & delete message
B. Delete & receive message
C. Send & delete message
D. Receive & send message

2.Messages sent by a process?
A. Have to be of a fixed size
B. Have to be a variable size
C. Can be fixed or variable sized
D. None of above

3.The link between two processes P and Q to send and receive messages is called?
A. Communication link
B. Message-passing link
C. Synchronization link
D. All of Above

4.Bounded capacity and Unbounded capacity queues are referred to as?
A. Programmed buffering
B. Automatic buffering
C. User defined buffering
D. No buffering

5.IPC stands for
A. Inter Process Communication
B. Intra Process Communication
C. Inter Process Command
D. None of these


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