OOPs Concepts Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Wrapping data and its related functionality into a single entity is known as ?
A. Abstraction
B. Encapsulation
C. Polymorphism
D. Modularity

2.What does polymorphism in OOPs mean ?
A. Concept of allowing overiding of functions
B. Concept of hiding data
C. Concept of keeping things in differnt modules/files
D. Concept of wrapping things into a single unit

3.Which concept allows you to reuse the written code ?
A. Encapsulation
B. Abstraction
C. Inheritance
D. Polymorphism

4.Which of the following shows multiple inheritances ?
A. A->B->C
B. A->B; A->C
C. A,B->C
D. B->A

5.How access specifiers in Class helps in Abstraction ?
A. They does not helps in any way
B. They allows us to show only required things to outer world
C. They help in keeping things together
D. Abstraction concept is not used in classes


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