OOPs Concepts Multiple Questions and Answers.

41.Which of the following supports the concept that re-usability is a desirable feature of a language ?
A. It reduces the testing time
B. It reduces maintenance cost
C. It decreases the compilation time
D. It reduced both testing and maintenance time

42.Which of the following is a static polymorphism mechanism ?
A. Function overloading
B. Operator overloading
C. Templates
D. All of above

43.What is the correct syntax of declaring array of pointers of integers of size 10 in C++ ?
A. int arr = new int[10];
B. int **arr = new int*[10];
C. int *arr = new int[10];
D. int *arr = new int*[10];

44.What will be the output of the following C++ code ?
A. 5
B. Garbage value
C. Compile-time error
D. Run-time error

45.What happens if a pointer is deleted twice in a program as shown in the following C++ statements ?
A. Undefined behavior
B. Syntactically incorrect
C. Semantically incorrect
D. The program runs perfectly


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