Fluid Mechanics for Chemical-Data Intensity 2 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Drag co-efficient for flow past immersed body is the ratio of _____________ to the product of velocity head and density?
A. Shear stress
B. shear force
C. Average drag per unit projected area
D. None of Above

2.In continuous fluidisation__?
A. Solids are completely entrained
B. There is no entrainment of solids
C. Velocity of the fluid is very small
D. The pressure drop is less than that for batch fluidisation

3.In a free vortex, the_?
A. Stream lines are not circular
B. Radial component of velocity is same everywhere
C. Flow is necessarily rotational
D. Velocity changes linearly with radial distance

4.Fluid flow through a packed bed is represented by the _____ equation?
A. Fanning’s
B. Ergun’s
C. Hagen-Poiseuille’s
D. None of these

5.Air vessel of a reciprocating pump is initially filled with__?
A. Atmospheric air
B. Water
C. Compressed air
D. None of above

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