Furnace Technology-Data Intensity 1 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which of the following variables affects the furnace capacity ?
A. Temperature of flue gas
B. Thermal conductivity of stock
C. Thickness of heating stock
D. All of Above

2.Scaling of furnace stock is reduced by ______ in flue gas?
B. H2
C. High CO/CO2
D. All of Above

3.An improved and fuel efficient version of the pusher type reheating furnace is the ____ furnace?
A. Walking beam
B. Shaft
C. Tunnel
D. Rotary hearth

4.Forced recirculation of furnace gases is practised___?
A. To increase heat transfer by convection
B. To ensure uniform temperature
C. In furnaces, operating below 750C
D. All of Above

5.In a furnace, the heat taken by the charge/stock and the heat lost to the furnace structure & flue gases depends on the___?
A. Rate of firing and emissivity of flame
B. Nature of process; whether batch, continuous or intermittent
C. Thermal conductivity of the charge & structural materials of furnace
D. All of Above


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