Furnace Technology-Data Intensity 3 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Ceramic recuperators compared to metallic recuperators for the same duty___?
A. Are lighter
B. Occupy more space
C. Are less costly
D. Have higher pressure differential between flue gas & air side

2.Rate of heat release in a furnace, which is the measure of heat intensity, is defined as__?
A. kcal/hr/m3 combustion space
B. kcal/m3 combustion space
C. kcal/hr
D. None of these

3.Design of waste heat boiler for recovery of waste heat from furnace gases depends upon the____?
A. Quantity & temperature of waste gas
B. Dust concentration & nature of dust in waste gas
C. Corrosive nature of the waste gas
D. All of above

4.Maximum heat transfer in high temperature furnaces is by___?
A. Conduction
B. Convection
C. Radiation
D. Depends on the type of furnace

5.Decarburisation of steel__?
A. Is the removal of carbon from iron carbide (Fe3C)
B. Affects its crystalline structure
C. Is favoured by CO2
D. All of above


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