Furnace Technology-Data Intensity 4 Multiple Questions and Answers.

1.Which of the following is not a directly fired furnace ?
A. By-product coke oven
B. Calcination kiln
C. Sintering furnace
D. Open hearth furnace

2.Thermal efficiency of an open hearth furnace may be about ______ percent?
A. 5
B. 20
C. 50
D. 80

3.The electric furnace in which heat is produced by a combination of induced current and skin effect is called _____ furnace?
A. Arc
B. Resistance
C. Low frequency induction
D. High frequency induction

4.Which of the following is the most suitable for preheating combustion air above 650C ?
A. Regenerator
B. Metallic recuperator
C. Ceramic recuperator
D. None of above

5.Artificial draught produced by a fan in the furnace can be controlled by the___?
A. Speed of the fan
B. Damper
C. Variation in the pitch of fan blades
D. All of Above


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