Mechanical Properties of Solids Questions And Answers.

1.Which one of the following is the property of an ionic compound?
A. High melting and boiling points
B. Low melting and boiling points
C. Weak inter-atomic forces
D. Non conductors of electricity

2.When do ionic compounds conduct electricity?
A. In gaseous state
B. In solid state
C. When dissolved in water
D. They never conduct

3.Which of the following covalent compounds conduct electricity?
A. Silica
B. Graphite
C. Diamond
D. Hydrogen chloride

4.Which of the following is a crystalline solid?
A. Anisotropic substances
B. Isotropic substances
C. Supercooled liquids
D. Amorphous solids

5.Why are the glasses of building milky?
A. Because of unwanted deposits
B. Because it becomes old
C. Because it is brittle
D. Because it changes in properties