Discrete Structures Questions And Answers.

1.Let A and B be any two arbitrary events then which one of the following is true ?
A. P( A intersection B) = P(A). P(B)
B. P(A union B) = P(A) + P(B)
C. P(AB) = P(A intersection B). P(B)
D. P(A union B) >= P(A) + P(B)

2.If X and Y be the sets. Then the set ( X - Y) union (Y- X) union (X intersection Y ) is equal to?
A. X union Y
B. Xc union Yc
C. X intersection Y
D. Xc intersection Yc

3.If G is an undirected planer graph on n vertices with e edges then ?
A. e<=n
B. e<=2n
C. e<=3n
D. None of these

4.Which of the following statement is a proposition ?
A. Get me a glass of milkshake
B. God bless you!
C. What is the time now?
D. The only odd prime number is 2

5.Which of the following option is true ?
A. If the Sun is a planet, elephants will fly
B. 3 +2 = 8 if 5-2 = 7
C. 1 > 3 and 3 is a positive integer
D. -2 > 3 or 3 is a negative integer

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