Operating Systems Questions And Answers.

1.What is operating system?
A. collection of programs that manages hardware resources
B. system service provider to the application programs
C. link to interface the hardware and application programs
D. all of the mentioned

2.To access the services of operating system, the interface is provided by the ?
A. System calls
C. Library
D. Assembly instructions

3.Which one of the following is not true?
A. kernel is the program that constitutes the central core of the operating system
B. kernel is the first part of operating system to load into memory during booting
C. kernel is made of various modules which can not be loaded in running operating system
D. kernel remains in the memory during the entire computer session

4.Which one of the following error will be handle by the operating system?
A. power failure
B. lack of paper in printerlack of paper in printer
C. connection failure in the network
D. all of the mentioned

5.What is the main function of the command interpreter?
A. to get and execute the next user-specified command
B. to provide the interface between the API and application program
C. to handle the files in operating system
D. none of the mentioned

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