Genetics Questions And Answers.

1.Which structural feature is shared by both uracil and thymine?
A. Both contain two keto groups.
B. Both contain one methyl group
C. Both contain a five-membered ring.
D. Both contain three nitrogen atoms.

2.Which component is found in both adenosine and deoxycytidine?
A. Both contain a pyranose.
B. Both contain a 1,1’-N-glycosidic bond.
C. Both contain a pyrimidine.
D. Both contain a 3’-OH group.

3.Which property is shared by both GDP and AMP?
A. Both contain the same charge at neutral pH.
B. Both contain the same number of phosphate groups.
C. Both contain the same purine
D. Both contain the same furanose.

4.Which characteristic is shared by purines and pyrimidines?
A. Both contain two heterocyclic rings with aromatic character.
B. Both can form multiple non-covalent hydrogen bonds.
C. Both exist in planar configurations with a hemiacetal linkage.
D. Both exist as neutral zwitterions under cellular conditions.

5.Which property is found in nucleosides and nucleotides?
A. Both contain a nitrogenous base, a pentose, and at least one phosphate group
B. Both contain a covalent phosphodister bond that is broken in strong acid.
C. Both contain an anomeric carbon atom that is part of a β-N-glycosidic bond.
D. Both contain an aldose with hydroxyl groups that can tautomerize.

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