Flowering Plants Morphology Questions And Answers.

1.Which among the following is incorrect about the root?
A. Radicle grows to form a primary root inside the soil
B. Most of the monocotyledons adopt tap root system
C. Adventitious roots are present in Banyan tree
D. From the primary roots grows the secondary roots from lateral surfaces

2.Which among the following is an incorrect statement about root?
A. The root is covered at the end by a thimble like structure called root cap
B. Meristematic tissue helps in the growth of plants
C. Mersistematic cells when mature forms the so called growing cells
D. Root hairs increase the surface area which helps in increasing the levels of water absorption

3.Which among the following is incorrect about the modifications in roots?
A. Roots undergo modifications to perform conduction of water and minerals
B. Prop roots help in anchoring banyan tree to the ground
C. Pneumatophores are present in maize and sugar cane that help them to respire easily
D. Tap roots in turnip and carrot store food in their roots

4.The word morphology means _?
A. Study of structure
B. Study of bones
C. Study of change
D. Study of skin

5.Which among the following is incorrect about shoot system?
A. The portion of a plant that grows above the soil is called shoot system
B. Aerial roots are a part of shoot system
C. The shoot system develops from plumule
D. Shoot system comprises of leaves, branches, flowers and fruits

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