Algae & Fungi Questions And Answers.

1.Carpogonia is the female sex organ in which of the algae?
A. Rhodophycophyta
B. Xanthophycophyta
C. Chrysophycophyta
D. Chlorophycophyta

2.The xanthophyte walls are typically of?
A. chitin
B. cellulose
C. cellulose and pectin
D. starch

3.Chrysamoeba exists in which of the following forms?
A. Nonmotile coccoid
B. filamentous
C. amoeboid
D. motile amoeboid

4.Kelps are which of the following type of algae?
A. Red algae
B. Yellow algae
C. Brown algae
D. Green algae

5.Frustules are found in which of the following algae?
A. Bacillariophycophyta
B. Chlorophycophyta
C. Euglenophycophyta
D. Rhodophycophyta

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