Morphology Questions And Answers.

1.Fungi are ?
A. Prokaryotic
B. eukaryotic
C. prokaryotic and lack chlorophyll
D. eukaryotic and lack chlorophyll

2.Hyphal wall consists of microfibrils composed of?
A. hemicellulose or chitin
B. cellulose
C. lipids
D. proteins

3.Coenocytic hyphae have?
A. Septate with uninucleate cells
B. Septate with multinucleate cells
C. No septate
D. No septate with uninucleate cells

4. Water is absorbed by
A. Root cap
B. Root apex
C. Root hairs
D. Root

5.A root hair does not contain
A. Vacuole
B. Chloroplast
C. Cell wall
D. Nucleus

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