Senior Auditor Questions And Answers.

1.____________ is a systematic examination of the books and records or a business?
A. . Auditing
B. Vouching
C. Verification
D. Checking

2.The term ‘Audit’ is derived from a Latin word “audire” which means___________?
A. To inspect
B. To examine
C. To hear
D. To investigate

3.The main object of an audit is _____________?
A. Expression of opinion
B. Detection and Prevention of fraud and error
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. Depends on the type of audit.

4.An auditor is like a_______________?
A. Blood haunt
B. Watch dog
C. May both according to situation
D. None of these

5.Process of verifying the documentary evidences of transactions are known as___________?
A. Auditing
B. Testing
C. Vouching
D. Verification

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