Transport Layer Questions And Answers.

1. Which of the following is false with respect to TCP?
A. Connection-oriented
B. Process-to-process
C. Transport layer protocol
D. Unreliable

2.In TCP, sending and receiving data is done as ?
A. Stream of bytes
B. Sequence of characters
C. Lines of data
D. Packets

3. TCP process may not write and read data at the same speed. So we need for storage?
A. Packets
B. Buffers
C. Segments
D. Stacks

4.TCP groups a number of bytes together into a packet called ?
A. Packet
B. Buffer
C. Segment
D. Stack

5.Communication offered by TCP is ?
A. Full-duplex
B. Half-duplex
C. Semi-duplex
D. Byte by byte

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