Basic Electronics Questions And Answers.

1.A solid copper sphere, 10 cm in diameter is deprived of 1020 electrons by a charging scheme. The charge on the sphere is?
A. 160.2 C
B. -160.2 C
C. 16.02 C
D. -16.02 C

2.A lightning bolt carrying 15,000 A lasts for 100 s. If the lightning strikes an airplane flying at 2 km, the charge deposited on the plane is?
A. 13.33 C
B. 75 C
C. 1500 C
D. 1.5 C

3.If 120 C of charge passes through an electric conductor in 60 sec, the current in the conductor is ?
A. 0.5 A
B. 2 A
C. 3.33 mA
D. 0.3 mA

4.The energy required to move 120 coulomb through 3 V is?
A. 25 mJ
B. 360 J
C. 40 J
D. 2.78 mJ

5.Consider the circuit graph shown in figure below. Each branch of circuit graph represent a circuit element. The value of voltage V1 is?

A. 30 V
B. 25 V
C. 20 V
D. 15 V

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