Digital Electronics Questions And Answers.

1.Any signed negative binary number is recognized by its?
C. Byte
D. Nibble

2.The parameter through which 16 distinct values can be represented is known as?
A. Bit
B. Byte
C. Word
D. Nibble

3.If the decimal number is a fraction then its binary equivalent is obtained by the number continuously by 2?
A. Dividing
B. Multiplying
C. Adding
D. Subtracting

4.The representation of octal number (532.2)8 in decimal is?
A. (346.25)10
B. (532.864)10
C. (340.67)10
D. (531.668)10

5.The decimal equivalent of the binary number (1011.011)2 is?
A. (11.375)10
B. (10.123)10
C. (11.175)10
D. (9.23)10

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