Bioenergetics and Metabolism Questions And Answers.

1.Chemical compounds involved in the process of metabolism is known as?
A. Intermediates
B. Catabolites
C. Radicals
D. Metabolites

2.Which of the following has a spiral metabolic pathway?
A. Glycolysis
B. Citric acid cycle
C. Glyoxylate cycle
D. Fatty acid biosynthesis

3.Name the type of the pathway which is involved in the synthesis of compounds?
A. Anabolic pathways
B. Catabolic pathways
C. Amphibolic pathway
D. Anapleurotic pathway

4.Which of the following cycle shows amphibolic pathway?
A. Glyoxylate
B. Citric acid cycle
C. Glycolysis
D. Lipid metabolism

5.Mark the INCORRECT statement about metabolic pathway?
A. They show the irreversible pathway
B. Each one of them has first committed step
C. They follow the only oxidative process
D. They are regulated

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