Genetics Questions And Answers.

1.Who is known as the Father of Genetics?
A. Erich Tschemark
B. Carl Correns
C. Gregor Johann Mendel
D. Hugo de Vries

2.Mendel discovered factors which remain its identity in a hybrid, these factors are?
A. Genes
B. Alleles
D. Chromosomes

3.Which of the following specimen was chosen by Mendel for his experiment?
A. Drosophila
B. Fly
C. Rat
D. Pisum sativum

4.Mark the INCORRECT statement about Pisum sativum?
A. Long life cycle
B. Easy hybridization
C. Bisexual flower
D. Well-defined discrete characters

5.What is an allele?
A. Characteristics of an organism
B. Alternate forms of genes
C. Homologous chromosomes
D. Pair of centrioles

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