Molecular Genetics Questions And Answers.

1.C-value in genome represents?
A. Genetic disorders
B. Phenotypic variation
C. Amount of DNA present in the genome
D. Qualitative traits

2.Name the phenomenon which shows the lack of correlation in genome size and genetic complexity?
A. Histogram
B. Karyogram
C. Dendrogram
D. C-value paradox

3.What is the genome size of yeast?
A. 12
B. 120
C. 170
D. 3,300

4.How does genome complexity of denatured DNA measure?
A. Giemsa staining
B. Reverse chromatography
C. Denaturation kinetics
D. Renaturation kinetics

5.Which of the following equation shows DNA renaturation reaction?
A. Sec 60
B. Cot1/2
C. Tan 30
D. Cot 40

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