Recombinant DNA Technology Questions And Answers.

1.An enzyme which synthesis, DNA from RNA is called?
A. DNA polymerase
B. RNA polymerase
C. Nucleases
D. Reverse transcriptase

2.Name the bacterium from which Taq DNA polymerase derived?
A. Thermus aquaticus
B. Salmonella
C. Cyanobacteria
D. E.coli

3.Name the enzyme which degrades DNA molecule by breaking its phosphodiester bonds?
A. DNA polymerase
B. Nucleases
C. Ligase
D. Reverse transcriptase

4.Which of the following is NOT an endonuclease?
A. Mung bean nuclease
B. S1 nuclease
C. Terminal deoxynucleotidal transferase
D. RNase A

5.Which of the following endonuclease has been purified from Aspergillus oryzae?
A. S1 nuclease
B. RNase H
C. RNase A
D. Mung bean nuclease

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