Human Physiology Questions And Answers.

1.Group of cells, which is similar in structure and function are structured into___________
A. Organ system
B. Muscles
C. Bone
D. Tissues

2.Name the tissues that are involved in the formation of membranes.
A. Epithelial tissue
B. Nervous tissue
C. Muscular tissue
D. Connective tissue

3.What is the name of the tissues which helps in protection and support of the body?
A. Muscular tissue
B. Nervous tissue
C. Connective tissue
D. Epithelial tissue

4.Name the tissues which detect changes inside and outside the body and respond by action potential?
A. Epithelial tissue
B. Connective tissue
C. Muscular tissue
D. Nervous tissue

5.Which of the following tissues helps in the movement of body structure?
A. Nervous tissue
B. Muscular tissue
C. Epithelial tissue
D. Connective tissue

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