Kinematics Questions And Answers.

1.A particle is acted upon by a force of a constant magnitude which is always perpendicular to the velocity of the particle. The motion of the particle takes place in a plane. It follows that ?
A. Its velocity is constant and kinetic energy is constant
B. Its acceleration and velocity is constant
C. Its kinetic energy is constant and it moves in a circular path
D. Its acceleration is constant and it moves in a circular path

2.An athlete in the Olympic game covers a distance of 100m in 10s. His kinetic energy can be estimated in the range?
A. 200J – 500J
B. 2×105J – 3×105J
C. 20000J – 50000J
D. 2000J – 5000J

3.A particle of mass 100g is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 5m/s. The work done by the force of gravity during the time the particle goes up is ?
A. 1.25J
B. 0.5J
C. -0.5J
D. -1.25J

4.Statement 1: Linear momentum of a system of particles is zero. Statement 2: Kinetic energy of a system of particles is zero.
A. 1 does not imply 2 and 2 does not imply 1
B. 1 implies 2 but 2 does not imply 1
C. 1 does not imply 2 but 2 implies 1
D. 1 implies 2 and 2 implies 1

5.If mass-energy equivalence is taken into account when water is cooled to form ice, the mass of water should?
A. Increase
B. Remain unchanged
C. Decrease
D. First increase and then decrease

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