Oscillations Questions And Answers.

1.A spring of force constant 800N/m has an extension of 5cm. The work done in extending it from 5cm to 15cm is?
A. 8J
B. 16J
C. 24J
D. 32J

2.A simple pendulum is attached to the roof of a lift. If the time period of oscillation, when the lift is stationary is T, then the frequency of oscillation when the lift falls freely, will be?
A. Zero
B. T
C. 1/T

3.A lightly damped oscillator with a frequency v is set in motion by a harmonic driving force of frequency v’. When v’ is lesser than v, then the response of the oscillator is controlled by?
A. Spring constant
B. Inertia of the mass
C. Oscillator frequency
D. Damping coefficient

4.What is the time period of a pendulum hanged in a satellite? (T is the time period on earth)
A. Zero
B. T
C. Infinite
D. T/√6

5.Which of the following functions represents a simple harmonic oscillation?
A. sinωt-cosωt
B. sinωt+sin2ωt
C. sinωt-sin2ωt
D. sin2 ωt