Waves Questions And Answers.

1.A body of mass 5kg hangs from a spring and oscillates with a time period of 2π seconds. If the body is removed, the length of the spring will decrease by?
A. g/k meters
B. k/g meters
C. 2π meters
D. g meters

2.The time period of mass suspended from a spring is T. If the spring is cut into four equal parts and the same mass is suspended from one of the parts, then the new time period will be?
A. T/4
B. T
C. T/2
D. 2T

3.Time period of a simple pendulum is 2sec. If its length is increased by 4 times, then its period becomes?
A. 8 sec
B. 12 sec
C. 16 sec
D. 4 sec

4.If the length of a simple pendulum is increased by 2%, then the time period?
A. Increases by 1%
B. Decreases by 1%
C. Increases by 2%
D. Decreases by 2%

5.A second’s pendulum is mounted in a rocket. Its period of oscillation will decrease when rocket is?
A. Moving down with uniform acceleration
B. Moving around the earth in geostationary orbit
C. Moving up with uniform velocity
D. Moving up with uniform acceleration