World History Questions And Answers.

1.The first news paper in the world was started by ?
A. Japan
B. China
D. India

2.Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron ?
A. Napoleon
B. Bismarck
C. Ho Chi Minh
D. Sir Walter Scott

3.Which is considered as oldest civilization of the world ?
A. Mesopotamian Civilization
B. Harappan Civilization
C. Chinese Civilization
D. Egyptain Civilization

4.Who is considered as the master of Greek comedy ?
A. Aeschylus
B. Sophocles
C. Aristophanes
D. Philip

5.Young Italy movement by led by two revolutionaries, One was "Mazzini" and Other was ?
A. Louis
B. Emmanuel
C. Victor
D. Garibaldi

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