PHYSICS Questions And Answers.

1.When a helium atom loses an electron, it becomes:
A. An alpha particle
B. Proton
C. A positive helium ion
D. A negative helium ion

2.When a helium atom loses an electron, it becomes:
A. Alpha partical
B. A positive helium ion
C. A negative helium ion
D. Proton

3.Beta ray emitted by a radioactive substance is:
A. An electron which was existing outside the nucleus
B. An electron which was existing inside the nucleus.
C. An electron emitted by the nucleus as a result of the decay of neutron inside the nucleus.
D. A pulse of electromagnetic wave.

4.An electric charge in uniform motion produces
A. An electric field.
B. Both magnetic and electric fields.
C. A magnetic field.
D. Neither magnetic nor electric fields

5.What is emitted by a hot metal filament in a cathode ray tube?
A. X ray
B. Electron
C. Proton
D. Photon

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