CHEMISTRY Questions And Answers.

1.Which type of bonding is present in NH4Cl?
A. Ionic
B. Colvalent
C. Coordinate Colvalent
D. None of these

2. When CuSO4 is electrolyzed in aqueous solution using copper electrodes, then the substance which deposits at the cathode is:
A. Copper metal.
B. Copper ions.
C. Hydrogen.
D. Oxygen.

3.Aldehydes can be synthesized by the oxidation of
A. Primary alcohol
B. Secondary Alchohal
C. Organic acids.
D. Inorganic acid.

4. The products of the fermentation of a sugar are ethanol and
A. Water
B. Oxygen
C. Carban dioxide
D. Sulfur dioxide

5.__________ serve as carriers of heredity from one generation to the other.
A. Lipids
B. Caseins
C. Formaldehydes.
D. Nucleoproteins.