Identification of Bacteria Questions And Answers.

1.The gram-negative organisms is
A. Actinomyces
B. Bacillus
C. Clostridium
D. None of these

2.Catalase production is negative in which of the following?
A. Streptococcus
B. Salmonella
C. Proteus
D. Staphylococcus

3.Which of the following is a substitute for crystal violet used in gram-staining procedure?
A. Methylene blue
B. Bromocresol green
C. Safranin
D. Phenolpthalene

4.Which of the following inference(s) indicate(s) the ability of an organism to utilize citrate as a sole source of carbon in Simmon's citrate medium?
A. Blue color
B. Appearance of growth
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of these

5.The organisms that can be acid-fast stained is?
A. Nocardia
B. Tubercle bacilli
C. Lepra bacilli
D. All of above

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