Bacteria Morphology Questions And Answers.

1.Which of the following bacteria lack a cell wall and are therefore resistant to penicillin?
A. Cyanobacteria
B. Mycoplasmas
C. Bdellovibrios
D. Spirochetes

2.A cluster of polar flagella is called
A. lophotrichous
B. amphitrichous
C. monotrichous
D. petritrichous

3.Flagella move the cell by
A. many flagella beating in a synchronous, whip-like motion
B. an individual flagellum beating in a whip-like motion
C. spinning like a propeller
D. attaching to nearby particles and contracting

4.The protein from which hook and filaments of flagella are composed of, is
A. keratin
B. flagellin
C. gelatin
D. casein

5.The cooci which mostly occur in single or pairs are
A. Streptococci
B. Diplococci
C. Tetracocci
D. None of above

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