Plant Structure Questions And Answers.

1.Any system that is not at equilibrium
A. is thermodynamically unstable, although it may be kinetically stable
B. is kinetically unstable, although it may be thermodynamically stable
C. is rushing toward equilibrium at a very rapid rate
D. requires an enzyme to reach equilibrium

2.The element neon (Ne) has eight electrons in its outermost electron shell. How many covalent bonds will Ne readily form?
A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Four

3.Which of the following functional groups would make a carbon-based compound the least polar?
A. Phosphate
B. Methyl
C. Carboxyl
D. Amino

4.Which is not true about a photon?
A. It is a packet of light energy
B. The shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy of the photons
C. It is trapped by photosynthetic unit
D. It donates electron to reduce carbon dioxide to glucose

5.If the ends of the following polysaccharide are pulled, which one would stretch the most?
A. Glycogen
B. Starch
C. Cellulose
D. None of these

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