Carbohydrate Metobalism Questions And Answers.

1.Insulin increase the following pathways in liver EXCEPT____________?
A. Fatty acid synthesis
B. Glycogen synthesis
C. Protein syntehsis
D. Glucose synthesis

2.Most lipogenic____________?
A. Fructose
B. Glucose
C. Galactose
D. Ribose

3.Type II glycogen storage disorder is due to deficiency of______________?
A. Alpha -Glucosidase
B. Alpha galactosidase
C. Muscle phosphorylase
D. Acid Lipase

4.Dietary fibre is rich in_____________?
A. Starch
B. Cellulose
C. Collagen
D. Inulin

5.Fructose intolerance is to_____________?
A. Fructose only
B. Fructose and glucose
C. Sucrose only
D. Fructose and sucrose