Current IG's of Police Questions And Answers.

1.Who is the current IG of New Railways Police?
A. Captain (retd) Arif Nawaz Khan
B. Inam Ghani
C. Faisal Shahkar
D. None of Above

2.Who is the current IG of Islamabad Police?
A. Amir Zulfiqar Khan
B. Qazi Jamilur Rehman
C. Muhammad Ahsan Younas
D. Sikandar Hayat

3.Who is the Current IG of National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) ?
A. Amjad Javid Saleemi
B. Allah Dino Khawaja
C. Dr Syed Kaleem Imam
D. Inam Ghani

4.Who is the Current IG of Punjab Police?
A. Inam Ghani
B. Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz Khan
C. Shoaib dastagir
D. Rao Sardar Ali Khan

5.Who is the Current IG of Azad Kashmir AJK Police?
A. Sohail Habib Tajik
B. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan
C. Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema
D. Salahuddin Khan

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