World Questions And Answers.

1.Iranian parliament speaker says to support ?
A. Afghanistan
B. Roam
C. Lebanon
D. All of above

2.Who said to help Lebanon in all fields ?
A. Prime Minister Pakistan
B. President of Afghanistan
C. Speaker of Iran
D. None of above

3.How much UNHCR launches humanitarian response plan in Libya ?
A. 70 mln USD
B. 500 mln USD
C. 115 mln USD
D. 225 mln USD

4.U.S. peace plan (Israel & Palestine ) known as ?
A. The Deal of the Century
B. The war for country
C. The free of the Century
D. All of Above

5.Which country's agriculture department warns against risks of desert locusts ?
A. Sri Lanka
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. None of Above

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