ASP.NET Questions And Answers.

1.How many Bytes are stored by ‘Long’ Data type in C# .net ?
A. 2 Bytes
B. 4 Bytes
C. 8 Bytes
D. 16 Bytes

2.Choose “.NET class” name from which data type “UInt” is derived ?
A. System.UInt16
B. System.UInt64
C. System.UInt32
D. System.Int16

3.Correct Declaration of Values to variables ‘a’ and ‘b’?
A. int a = 32, b = 40.6;
B. int a = 42; b = 40;
C. int a = 32; int b = 40;
D. int a = b = 42;

4.Arrange the following data type in order of increasing magnitude sbyte, short, long, int ?
A. short < int < sbyte < long
B. short < sbyte < int < long
C. sbyte < short < int < long
D. long < short < int < sbyte

5.Which data type should be more preferred for storing a simple number like 35 to improve execution speed of a program ?
A. sbyte
B. short
C. int
D. long

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