PHP Programming Questions And Answers.

1.What does PHP stand for ?
A. Personal Home Page
B. Hypertext Preprocessor
C. Pretext Hypertext Processor
D. Preprocessor Home Page

2.Who is the founder of PHP?
A. Rasmus Lerdorf
B. Willam Makepiece
C. Drek Kolkevi
D. List Barely

3.PHP files have a default file extension of ?
A. .html
B. .php
C. .xml
D. .ph

4.A PHP script should start & end with ?
A. < ?php ? >
B. < ? ? >
C. < ? php ?>
D. < php >

5.Which of the looping statements is/are supported by PHP ?
A. for loop
B. while loop
C. do-while loop
D. All of Above

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