Heat Transfer Questions And Answers.

1.From the concept of kinetic theory, mean travel velocity of the gas molecules is prescribed by the relation?
A. V = (3M/GT) 1/2
B. V = (3GT/M) 1/2
C. V = (6T/GM) 1/2
D. V = (3GT/2M) 1/2

2.Low temperature insulation are used when the enclosure is at a temperature lower than the ambient temperature. Which one of the following is not a low temperature insulation?
A. Slag wool
B. Cattle hair
C. Cork
D. Asbestos

3.The value of Lorenz number in 10-8 W ohms/K2 is?
A. 2.45
B. 2.56
C. 2.35
D. 2.02

4.For liquids, thermal conductivity is governed by the relation?
A. k = A c p p8/3/M1/3
B. k = A c p p4/3/M1/3
C. k = 2A c p p4/3/M2/3
D. k = A c p p7/3/M1/3

5.The thermal conductivity and the electrical conductivity of a metal at absolute temperature are related as?
A. k/T
B. k σ/T
C. k/σ
D. k/σ T

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