Fuels and Combustion Questions And Answers.

1.Caking index of a coal is a measure of its __?
A. Abradability
B. Reactivity
C. Porosity
D. Agglutinating (binding) properties

2.Main component of sewage gas produced during anaerobic decomposition of organic waste (by suitable bacteria) during sewage disposal is ____?
A. H2
B. CH4
C. CO2
D. N2

3.The shift conversion reaction taking place during water gas manufacture is given by_____?
A. C + H2O ? CO + H2
B. C + 2H2O ? CO2 + 2H2
C. CO + H2O ? CO2 + H2
D. None of these

4.___ of the coal is the basis for Seylorís coal classification?
A. Proximate analysis
B. Ultimate analysis
C. Caking index
D. Calorific value

5.In case of pulverised coal fired steam boiler, the secondary air serves the main purpose of___?
A. Transportation of coal
B. Drying of coal
C. Preheating the primary air
D. Combustion of coal by supplying it around the burner

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