Fuels and Combustion Questions And Answers.

1.Caking index of a coal is a measure of its __?
A. Abradability
B. Reactivity
C. Porosity
D. Agglutinating (binding) properties

2.Main component of sewage gas produced during anaerobic decomposition of organic waste (by suitable bacteria) during sewage disposal is ____?
A. H2
B. CH4
C. CO2
D. N2

3.The shift conversion reaction taking place during water gas manufacture is given by_____?
A. C + H2O ? CO + H2
B. C + 2H2O ? CO2 + 2H2
C. CO + H2O ? CO2 + H2
D. None of these

4.___ of the coal is the basis for Seylor´┐Żs coal classification?
A. Proximate analysis
B. Ultimate analysis
C. Caking index
D. Calorific value

5.In case of pulverised coal fired steam boiler, the secondary air serves the main purpose of___?
A. Transportation of coal
B. Drying of coal
C. Preheating the primary air
D. Combustion of coal by supplying it around the burner