Materials and Construction Questions And Answers.

A. The toughness of a material decreases, when it is heated
B. Crane hooks are normally made of wrought iron
C. Cold working of a metal decreases its fatigue strength
D. The temperature at which new grains are formed in a metal is known as the recrystallisation temperature

A. Pure rubber is as useless as pure gold as a material of construction
B. Thermal conductivity of aluminium is higher than that of copper; hence it is increasingly used for utensil making
C. Copper has poor weldability
D. Reinforced plastics are made from both thermoplastic as well as thermosetting plastics

A. Wrought iron contains about 0.02% carbon
B. Wrought iron cannot be easily forged and welded
C. The chilled cast iron does not contain graphite
D. Spheroidal grey cast iron contains graphite flakes

A. Stainless steel is nothing but chromium coated steel
B. Hardening of a soft metal can be done by alloying it with another metal or non-metal
C. Plastic deformation of a material is its temporary distortion under the action of applied stress
D. Rusting of iron is not electrochemical in nature

A. Hardening makes the steel more brittle
B. High alloy steels contain more than 50% alloying element
C. 18/8 stainless steel is a magnetic steel
D. Both B. and C.